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Welcome To Yetman's Arena

Our facility is dedicated to suppling recreation activities for all ages. Sports is a great way to be active, meet new people, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our staff work hard in providing a quality atmosphere and an enjoyable time for your rental group.

Ice Time Available rime Time Rates: Based on Group Size of 22 

Monday 1030pm

Tuesday 1030pm

Wednesday 10pm

Thursday 11pm

Friday 1030pm

Sunday 10pm

To Book A Time Slot Please


or Text 709.690.3656


Yetman's Hockey Programs 

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Power Skating : Focusing on Balance, Lateral Movement, Crossovers, Quick Starts, Pivots, Forward and Backward, Stopping, 
Stickhandling & Explosive Speed wiPlease Check YETMANSACTIONHOCKEY.COM
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